Marcel Gordon is a Canadian web developer living and working in Italy.

Professional bio

I built my first website in 1995 and have been designing professionally since 1999. In 2002 I discovered web standards which revolutionized the way I approached web design.

Today I build standards-compliant websites and web applications with an eye towards simplicity and usability.

Personal bio

I grew up in Ottawa and lived there until 1990 when I left to study at the University of Waterloo.

In 1998 I moved to Tuscany and have been fortunate enough to settle in the beautiful hilltop village of Civitella Marittima. During the academic year I divide my time between Pisa and Civitella to accommodate my girlfriend's teaching position at the University of Pisa.

I'm fluent in Italian and still remember enough high school French to fake it if I have to.

When I'm not in front of the computer I'm probably out being a tourist.

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