I am the founder of a small web design studio specializing in providing professional and practical solutions to your website needs.

With a full range of services from web design and development, to web hosting and search engine optimization I create affordable solutions for your business.

I make use of modern technologies, also known as web standards, that help make your website faster, more search engine friendly, and accessible to the largest number of internet users possible.

Your website will be:

  • Easy to maintain

    I keep content separate from presentation using XHTML and CSS, making your pages more readable and easier to update.

  • Optimized for search engines

    Well-structured pages built on clean, simple code have a proven advantage when it comes to search engine placement.

  • Ready for the future

    I build sites according to recognized standards which means your site works now in all modern browsers, and will continue to work in the future.

Take a look at the complete list of services I provide, or browse some of the websites I've built for other clients.